5 reasons to shoot on "manual" mode on your DSLR

So you have the fancy camera and although you have good intentions of learning how to use it, there are always 101 other things to do!

If you need a tiny nudge to learn how to use your camera properly then carry on reading!

1) You choose The Lighting 

I am a big fan of using natural light and the auto mode doesn't always allow you to use it.  Instead, in low light conditions the flash will pop up and cause red eye, closed eyes and harsh skin tones.  When using manual mode in low light conditions you can select to increase your ISO and/or open up your aperture to gain the correct exposure.


2) You Choose The Focal Point 

This may sound like a moot point but bear with me........!  As your confidence and photography composition/style changes, you will want to play around with your focal point ie you may not always want it to be the person at the centre of the photo!  You may want to to be a toy your child is playing with or an object within the frame of your photo - on manual, the choice is yours!!

3) Get the Bokeh (blurry background) you've been craving!

One of the reasons I started learning how to use my DSLR was to replicate those beautiful pictures of children where the background is blurred out and the focus is all on the child.  In manual mode this can be achieved!  Through playing around with your aperture, having your lens wide open (low f stop) and focal point on the child, you too can achieve this beautiful look.

4) Control How You Want Your Photograph Lit

You choose whether you want your photo backlit or silhouetted - it's just a question of adjusting your settings.  Let more light in through your lens for backlighting and underexpose your photo for silhouettes.

5) Capture The Action

Small children are notorious for not staying still which can sorties result in blurry photographs.  Using your shutter speed dial, you can now capture all the jumps, bounces and hops that your child could possibly do!  As a general rule, don't allow your shutter speed to go below 250 where active small children are involved!!

So that's it folks! I hope that you've enjoyed reading this article and have learnt something from it.  Photography is an amazing skill to learn and I am constantly learning too! 


Kit x

Kit Bhatti