5 easy steps to taking Newborn Photos

Capturing that precious newborn stage is so important to many parents out there, however not everyone has the thought, time or inclination to hire a Newborn Photographer.

In this short guide, I will give you a few pointers to capture those sweet, beautiful photos of your newborn that you will treasure forever.  

1) Light source and location 

Walk round your house and varying times of the day to find the lightest room that you can.  This room will probably have a large window or door and will be best little either early morning or afternoon.

If possible, take photos of the different "lights" that you find to compare which works best on camera.

2) Backdrops

I tend to take the majority of photos in a bedroom (as long as light allows) as the bed is a great place to take both group and individual shots of the baby.  If possible, find some white (ironed!) sheets or crochet/furry blankets that would make a good backdrop for the individual shots of the baby.

3) Props and Outfit

Choose both yours and your families outfits - try to make them coordinate (not match!).  For a newborn shoot, neutrals are always a favourite of mine and even some of the baby in just a cloth nappy can look very sweet.

Maybe try and incorporate a soft toy that is a keepsake or a first toy for the baby.

4) How to best handle a fussy newborn!

Although newborns are very cute, they are not alway the best models!  I would ideally shoot the baby during their nap time when they are at their sleepiest! Have a heater to hand to make the baby nice and dozy and even consider a white noise app!

5) The shoot!

If you can figure out the timer on your camera, set it up on a chair with everyone but you in place.  Focus on the person that will be most central and then slot yourself in place - hopefully you will get a gorgeous family photo!

 Take some simple lay flat shots with siblings, stand over them and give simple directions to get some beautiful photos.

Lastly, take some individual shots of the baby - either have them curled up on their front or lay them on their back to do their thing!  Don't forget to take the shots of their feet, nose, hands etc.

I hope that you've found this article useful and that you produce some beautiful photos that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Kit x

Please do get in touch of you would like to arrange a newborn lifestyle photoshoot at kit.bhatti@gmail.com

Kit Bhatti